Monday, September 15, 2008


I have little time y'all so you'll have to forgive me for being slow with updates. ;(
but i'm trying, i'm trying....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cerulean Preview


Being a blindly reckless has never been apart of my makeup until I met him. It’s strange to think that in such a short period of time someone’s life can get turned inside out----I would never imagine that at this very moment I could be losing my friend and the thought of it is unbearable.
I try to break free of my sister’s strong grasp to get to him; we both stare in horror as the flames grew relentlessly high. Great trees tumbled and thundered horribly to the forest floor. Nia’s iron grasp won’t relinquish no matter how many times I kicked and struggled to escape has she tried to pull us away from danger.
A chillingly familiar laugh rang throughout the clearing that made my blood run cold, Nia’s body stiffed next to mine as we both looked in the dark maroon eyes of death.
Chapter 1
A hard blow to the side of my head jolted me out of my long slumber; my head began to throb painfully as I tried to put together what had happened. Yes, the van is still in one piece, yes, I’m still alive and yes, we are still on the road. I let out a mournful groan when I began to really come to and realized my contact lenses had dried onto my irises making it feel as if tiny rocks were glued to my eyeballs. Rubbing my pounding head I warily glanced to my right and sighed when I was met by a large tennis shoed foot and quickly deducted to source of my pain. “Thanks a lot”, I muttered to myself looking distastefully at the culprit. There he was my brother Bron with his long legs sprawled all over the back seat of my mother’s van asleep like I was next to him just a moment ago without a care in the world and free of a concussion. Irritated I roughly pushed his leg out of the way and wasn’t surprised that he didn’t seem to mind, Bron had the nerve to be a deep sleeper impending death by cannon fire couldn’t rouse him.
I squeezed my shut of a second to try to get some moisture but no it didn’t work I needed eye drops ASAP. Looking around for my purse so I could get the drops I found it rather quickly but luck didn’t seem to be on my side. Tossing a balled up piece of paper towards the seat in front of me to get my sister Nia’s attention; slowly she craned her head over the seat and immediately became amused as she took in the sight me and Rip Van Winkle.
“Can I help you?” She asked in her sweet bell-like voice; a beautiful smile graced her features and I had a feeling that what her next string of words would be next. “Red is a great color for, Desi. New contacts---you know Halloween is two months from now don’t ‘cha?”
“Do you have any eye drops?” I smiled and decided to pretend she didn’t say anything.
Still wearing that mocking sweet smile, she flips her long gorgeous black hair over a golden caramel colored shoulder and disappeared temporarily out view. “Here you go,” she chirped popping back into view handing me the drops.
I muttered a grateful thank you and squeezed the blessed liquid into my aching eyes sighing with relief. “Thanks,” I said again handing her the drops.
“No problem,” Nia responded causally. “You know you; you’re all red all on the right side of your head.”
“Mommy’s Baby Boy knocked me out with those boulders he calls feet.”
Nia groaned and winced. We both experienced countless times the dangers of sleeping or simply being next to our little brother when he was in the land of nod. We’ve have enough scars from to last us a lifetime.
“Hey scooch over, lemme come up there,” I said chuckling giving a drooling Bron one last look before proceeding with my escape. “I should’ve known better than to be sitting next to him—” Nia laughed helping me climb over the seat; after settling in Nia very mother-like grasped my chin and preceded to examine my eyes with a small frown creasing her delicate brow.
“Geez, Ledesi,” she began. “Why don’t you get the kind that you can sleep in?”
“Is it that bad?”
“Yep,” she said handing my toiletry bag and glasses case to me. “You might as well take them out now while there is smooth road.”
“Ok,” I sighed removing my contacts quickly into the case and filling it with solution. Putting on my glasses I looked out the window and was met with the first sign that we were defiantly not Chicago anymore.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free Gift: PDF Downloads

I will post free PDF's of the stories I've posted on and ect in full, completed on this blog and only this blog. Why wait for a new post when you can enjoy right away. But mind you only fanfictions and not original works will be up as PDF's. Please, have fun!